Pedro Cabrita Reis - Camden Art Centre

Acclaimed Lisbon-based artist Pedro Cabrita Reis (b. 1956) presented a group of new works which engages with the architecture of the recently renovated Camden Arts Centre building in his first exhibition in a London public gallery.

In the white cube of Gallery 1, his work responded to the recessed light wells in the ceiling, whilst his work for Gallery 3 reacted to the very different context afforded by the 19th Century former library space.

Pedro Cabrita Reis’s work embraces painting, sculpture and installation. Underpinning his practice is an interest in architecture and construction, reflected in his recurrent use of found, recycled or manufactured materials, such as neon tuing, doors and concrete blocks. For Cabrita Reis, architecture has replaced nature as the primary means through which we understand and relate to the world around us, and these materials, with their references to the everyday built environment, are loaded with memories and associations, both individual and collective.


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