Postscript - Camden Art Centre

Postscript offers an afterword to the current exhibitions and residency with a series of live acts, films and events responding to gesture and breath. It includes live performances of Rose English and Luke Stoneham’s Music for Lost in Music and new commissions by Florian Roithmayr and Sam Belinfante as well as works by other artists.

Programme of events: 

Film Night 
Including films by allsopp&weir, Sam Belinfante and Dave McKenzie, and a live performance from Alicia Matthews
Wednesday 9 March, 7.00 – 9.00pm, Café

Serena Korda: The Jug Choir: Ectoplasmic Variations
Thursday 10 March, 7.30 – 8.30pm, Gallery 3 (bar open from 6.30 – 9.00pm)

Rose English and Luke Stoneham: Music for Lost in Music
Friday 11 March, 7.00 – 8.30pm / Saturday 12 March, 3.00 – 4.30pm, Gallery 1

Sam Belinfante: On the One Hand and the Other
Sunday 13 March, 11.00am – 6.00pm, Artists’ Studio

Kihlberg & Henry: This Building, This Breath 
Sunday 13 March, 11.00 – 6.00pm, Gallery 2

Candice Jacobs: Come on Down 
Sunday 13 March, 11.00 – 6.00pm, Central Space

Renata Bandeira: Make & Do: Play is a Place
Sunday 13 March, 2.00 – 4.30pm, Gallery 1

Florian Roithmayr: breath rider
Sunday 13 March, 4.00 – 5.30pm, Gallery 3

Images Events

Film Night

Wednesday 9 March, 7.00 – 9.00pm, Café / free

Join us for a night of artist film works that consider breath and gesture, on the first evening of our Postscript series of live events. Including films by Allsopp&Weir, Sam Belinfante and Dave McKenzie, and a live performance from Alicia Matthews.

Allora & Calzadilla, Raptor’s Rapture, 2012 (23min 30sec). Courtesy the artist & Lisson Gallery

Allsopp&Weir, …And While We Were on Air, 2005 (2min 8 sec). Courtesy the artists

Anna Barriball, Draw (fireplace), 2005 (10min 30sec). Courtesy of the artist

Sam Belinfante, Focus, 2012 (13min). Courtesy the artist

Manon de Boer, Dissonant, 2010 (11 mins). Courtesy the artists and Auguste Orts

Aurélien Froment, Pulmo Marina, 2010 (5min 10sec). Courtesy the artist

Dave McKenzie, Babel, 2006 (13min 48sec). Courtesy the artist


Live performance by Alicia Matthews from 6.45pm

Postscript: Rose English and Luke Stoneham: Music for Lost in Music 1 + 2

Friday 11 March, 7.00 – 8.30pm, Gallery 1
Bar open 6.30 – 9.00pm
Full price: £7.50 / Friend, Patron & Concession: £6.50

Music for Lost in Music is the debut live performance of Rose English’s libretto, Lost in Music, a 72-minute operatic piece for ten voices and percussion, scored by Luke Stoneham. A recorded version of this work was presented at the core of her exhibition, A Premonition of the Act, at Camden Arts Centre. The music will be performed live for the first time in Gallery 1 after the conclusion of English’s exhibition ending Sunday 6 March.

This live concert represents the musical element of Lost in Music – a proposed future performance that will be in equal measure a chamber opera, an art installation and a circus; a project by English that has been in gestation for a decade.

Scored for an ensemble of nine singers with solo soprano and an array of percussion instruments, the music was composed by long-time artistic collaborator Luke Stoneham in response to English’s performance concept and libretto. English’s text of words and phrases is distilled and spare, describing the physical movement and blown-glass objects manipulated by the imagined acrobat performers with ecstatic, poetic renderings of the feelings and reflections of the acrobats and their onlookers.

Stoneham transforms the imagery conjured by English’s words into shimmering, incandescent, ethereal musical filaments that seem to float on air, traced by human voices melded with chiming, ringing bells, gongs and metal bars. Moving alternately through cycles of quiet serenity and energy, Stoneham creates a beguiling musical world of astonishing crystalline beauty, incantatory strands of melody and mesmerizing harmony.

Singers: Sarah Leonard (solo soprano), Donna Bateman, Omar Ebrahim, James Hall, Peter Harris, Oliver Hunt, Jennifer John, Julien van Mellaerts, Melanie Pappenheim and Rose Stachniewska.
Percussion: Julian Warburton.
Conductor: Philip Headlam.
Score by Luke Stoneham for a libretto by Rose English.

Serena Korda: The Jug Choir: Ectoplasmic Variations

Thursday 10 March, 7.30 – 8.30pm
Gallery 3 / free

Presented by artist Serena Korda, The Jug Choir: Ectoplasmic Variations is a group performance in which members of the public sing into Korda’s own hand-made ceramic artworks.

With ceramic vessels bearing the faces of bearded men, Korda references the Bellarmine jugs of the sixteenth century that were used as common household objects. During the witch hunts of the seventeenth century, these jugs were transformed into ‘Witch Bottes’, a form of sympathetic magic used to ward off evil. A kind of voodoo ensued as the body of the male vessel was filled with urine, bent nails and votive cloth hearts, hoping to cause pain to any ‘witch’ that posed a threat.

Korda uses the ‘Witch Bottles’ as a vehicle to explore notions of gender and hysteria through the lens of war. She invites you to listen as The Jug Choir activates the vessels as a way to explore the materiality of object and sound and consider how ritual is embedded in acts of violence.

Postscript: Sam Belinfante: On the One Hand and the Other

Sunday 13 March, 11.00am – 6.00pm
Artists’ Studio / free 

As a culmination of his residency at Camden Arts Centre, Sam Belinfante opens his studio to the public once more, as a way of ‘working though’ the various audio-visual material that has manifested there in the past few months. Belinfante puts into motion a series of looping gestures, with percussionist Mark Sanders, whose hands will respond to a series of signals both voluntarily and involuntarily.  As loops are added one-by-one to the space in an evolving series of projected movements, ideas will both clarify and obfuscate as objects and thoughts are incessantly repeated, becoming inevitably convoluted.

Postscript: Kihlberg & Henry: This Building, This Breath

Sunday 13 March, 11.00am – 6.00pm
Gallery 2 / free

This Building, This Breath continues Kihlberg & Henry’s exploration of the disembodied voice in film and performance. For this piece, a voiceover is delivered live alongside a 15 minute video, activated whenever somebody enters the room. Here the duo explores cultural understandings of breathing as a device to play with the relationships between language, image, architecture and audience.

Kihlberg & Henry are artists working with moving image, performance, interdisciplinary research projects and publications. They have had recent solo exhibitions at Fig-2 at the ICA and Res, London, Artsway, Hampshire, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, Gallery Box, Gothenburg, and Danielle Arnaud, London. They have participated in group shows and projects at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, Fundació Miró, Mallorca, Tate Modern and the Hayward Gallery, UK. They won the Great North Run Moving Image Commission in 2012 and were artists in residence at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, 2011, Futura, Prague, 2007 and Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, 2006. They completed a two-year fellowship at the Jan van Eyck Academy, NL in 2011, and are currently coordinating the Disembodied Voice Research Group supported by Vision Forum and Arts Council.

Candice Jacobs: Come on Down

Sunday 13 March, 11.00am – 6.00pm
Central Space / free

Candice Jacobs produces moving images, objects, products, graphics, electronic music and on and offline environments. She invites you to listen to a specially composed audio work comprised of an Astrological profile of Camden Arts Centre. The work draws from the phenomenon of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), where specific sounds and whispered voices induce euphoric reactions. The sound installation will be in the Central Space.

Candice Jacobs‘ recent and forthcoming exhibitions include: Unproductive Freedom, Vitrine gallery, London, 2016, solo presentation with Cactus gallery at Material Art Fair, Mexico City, 2016, Follow, FACT, Liverpool, 2015, Thunder Doooooooooooooo me, 56th Venice Biennale, 2015, Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf’, 56th Venice Biennale, 2015, Exhale, Cactus, Liverpool, 2015, Inhale, Project Number, London, 2015, Under A Thawing Lake, Dark Arts International, Material Art Fair, Mexico City, 2015.

Postscript: Make & Do: Play is a Place

Sunday 13 March, 2.00 – 4.30pm
Gallery 1 / free

Artist Renata Bandeira invites families to a one off expanded Make & Do session. Come along and explore her interactive sculptural environments. Over the last few months, Renata’s responsive ideas have been constantly changing and adapting as she has shared her unique approach and artists’ processes in our weekly drop in Make & Do workshops in the Drawing Studio. For this one-off session, Renata expands her interactive performative sculptures to include approaches to gesture.

The activities are suitable for all ages and materials are provided.

Florian Roithmayr: breath rider

Sunday 13 March, 4.00 – 5.30pm
Gallery 3 

Florian Roithmayr’s exhibition, with, and, or, without, extends to a live event, investigating the acts of inscribing and invoking through shared experience, as part of the Postscript programme. Drop in to Gallery 3 to see Roithmayr’s live act.