Public Knowledge: Counter Institutions - Camden Art Centre

Counter Institutions - Activist Estates of the Lower East Side is a podcast with Nandini Bagchee and Matt Williams

Amid ongoing debates about the accessibility of public spaces, this podcast will focus on the sites and buildings where activist groups in the Lower East Side would meet to organize and plan acts of political dissent and collective participation. Author Nandini Bagchee will discuss with Matt Williams the situated histories of re-purposed buildings on the Lower East Side that activists have used over the past forty years. They include Peace Pentagon, the headquarters of the anti-war movement, El Bohio, a metaphoric “hut” for the Puerto Rican Community, and ABC No Rio, an artists-run storefront gallery in a run-down tenement.

The Artists

The Artists

Nandini Bagchee is an Associate Professor of Design and History at the Spitzer School of Architecture at CCNY, CUNY and Principal of Bagchee Architects.

Matt Williams has organised numerous national and international monographic, group exhibitions, public programmes and commissions at public institutions to develop a unique portfolio of cultural initiatives and interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of art, culture, and society in conversation with creative practitioners, academics, and publishers, and independent organisations.