Public Knowledge: Faster Than An Erection - Camden Art Centre

Join Reba Maybury in conversation with Juliet Jacques to mark the launch of her new book.

Faster Than An Erection is a new book by Reba Maybury comprising of a selection of texts that discuss the distinctions between sadomasochism, sex work, the dominatrix, the submissive man, the erection, and her use of space and power as Mistress Rebecca. Complementing the texts are a series of poems by Cassandra Troyan, alongside artworks conceived by Maybury and made by Her submissives.

For this event, Maybury will be in conversation with writer and filmmaker Juliet Jacques to discuss the various contexts, relationships and spaces she inhabits as an artist, academic, writer, and dominatrix (Mistress Rebecca).

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The Speakers

Juliet Jacques is a writer and filmmaker based in London. She has published three books, including Trans: A Memoir (Verso, 2015) and a short story collection, Variations (Influx Press, 2021). Her essays, criticism and journalism have appeared in many publications, from The London Review of Books to Tribune, and her short films have screened in galleries and festivals worldwide. She teaches at the Royal College of Art and elsewhere.

Reba Maybury (b.1990) is an artist, writer and political dominatrix sometimes working under the name Mistress Rebecca. Her work explores the tension between her perceived strength as an object of transactional fantasy and how, through the reality of sex work, she turns this power into something tangible. Much of her art practice is physically created by her submissives through her direction as a way to further the complicated imbalances of labour under sex work and attempt to empower her further than the men’s desires, leaving her with more than just a payment from them. Themes of capital, labour, sexuality, female perversion, bureaucracy as torture and corporate humiliation are essential themes to her practice. Recent shows include Faster than an erection, MACRO, Italy (2021); Moralists at a Costume Party, HKFD (2021) Denmark and A-good-individual, Luma Westbau, Switzerland (2019). Her first novella is named Dining with Humpty Dumpty (2017) and Faster than an erection is a new publication, a theory and methodology to her domination with a poem by Cassandra Troyan which was recently published by MACRO (2021).