Public Knowledge: OEI - Camden Art Centre

This episode of Public Knowledge will comprise of a temporary display of publications and related ephemera by Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg.

Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg are the founders of OEI, a Stockholm-based magazine for experimental forms of thinking, montages of art, poetry, theory, visual culture, and documents; critical investigations, infrastructural poetics, localities, ecologies, new epistemologies, and counter-historiographies. 

To publish a magazine is not only a matter of producing a physical artefact but also of intervening in and acting for an entire ecology of publishing and engaging, where the possibilities of generative readings and encounters have to be created in new constellations and contexts. To edit is to work with what exists, but at the same time to make this into something more, a multi-temporal space, perhaps. Or, as a friend puts it: “What’s at stake with any public address is the creation of a new social space, where strangers would come together – and maybe, become friends, who knows.”.

The presentation is accompanied by a talk, whereby OEI discuss the different layers in their work, from revisiting avant-garde archives to fieldworks and local-material knowledge. A layered love.

With special thanks to Paul Finn.


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The Artists

About OEI:
Founded in 1999, OEI has published 97 issues of the magazine: from the Poema/Processo movement in Brazil to Land Art in Sweden; from concrete and visual poetry in Yugoslavia to topographies of wetlands and mountains; from Lettrist magazines to experimental geographies. In 2002 OEI launched OEI editör, which has released some hundred titles of investigative poetry, aesthetic documents, bookworks, theoretical and poetological essays. As part of its publishing practice, OEI has organized numerous events: from readings, presentations, lectures and talks to seminars, film screenings and exhibitions. 

Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg are Stockholm-based artists, writers and editors of OEI magazine. They have been working together on different publishing projects since 2001: books, magazines, and exhibitions. Their work often revolves around questions of archives, images, documents, montage, locality, and alternative forms of historiography. They are also running two long-term artistic research projects, ‘The expanded book – stratigraphy, locality, materiality’ and ‘The latent image: uncovering developing.’.

Magnusson & Grönberg have often investigated different aspects of editing and publishing in three-dimensional space and have exhibited in contexts such as GIBCA – the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Index – the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Publics Helsinki, Moderna Museet Stockholm, CFF – Centre for Photography Stockholm, Malmö konstmuseum, INCA Seattle, Ebeltoft Kunsthal, Malmö Konsthall, The Artist’s Institute, NYC.