Rebecca Salvadori at RALLY - Camden Art Centre

Rebecca Salvadori will present 'Messengers', 'The Sun Has No Shadow', and 'TRESOR TAPES' at RALLY 2024

Since 2010, video artist and filmmaker Rebecca Salvadori has explored the convergence of performance, moving images, and live filming, drawing from her deep-rooted cinematic research to document London’s experimental music ecosystems. For RALLY, Salvadori, in conversation with Camden Art Centre, will present the multifaceted film-in-the-making Messengers (2024-ongoing), which she describes as “a hybrid film experience that is simultaneously a self-portrait, a portrait of a group of artists, and a city at a specific moment in time.” This intimate sonic and visual journey will accompany The Sun Has No Shadow (2022) and TRESOR TAPES (2022), exploring personal and collective archives, their relationship with memory, and reflections on documenting club culture.

RALLY is a one-day Festival in Southwark Park, London inspired by DIY culture and grassroots movements, celebrating London’s music and arts communities.