Exhibition: Den! - Camden Art Centre

The culmination of a year-long project with artists Lucie Macgregor, Tom James and Declan Leslie working in collaboration with pupils from Swiss Cottage School and The Village School.

Exploring themes of shelter, waste and abundance this exhibition will feature works created through the year alongside new and expanded installations.

In a series of workshops the artists and participants used a range of materials foraged from the Camden Art Centre garden (berries, twigs, leaves) and items found in local streets (wood, laundry bags, chicken wire, fabric).

These abundant, abandoned and obsolete resources have been repurposed through processes such as burning twigs to make charcoal, breaking apart and felting wool, smushing berries to make ink. Combining these transformed tools and materials the group have collaborated on artworks to create a wealth of new materials including felt sheets, woven panels and metres of painted calico.

By making dens of increasing scale through the year the group have formed a language of intuitive construction and playful decoration with practical and aesthetic decision making led by a sense of play.

Den! brings together a years worth of experimentation and discovery into a series of interactive installations and artworks that combine familiar materials into something entirely new.

This exhibition is a part of a long-running programme of workshops working with SEN Schools and neurodivergent young people.

This project is delivered in partnership with ActionSpace and supported by the Kusuma Trust.