Some Exercise of Power - Camden Art Centre

Ana Maria Pacheco is a sculptor and printmaker whose wok is characterized by a command of formal structure and cathartic narrative vision.

This exhibition, the first by Pacheco in London, comprises four large-scale figure groups made from carved and painted wood. Among them are three related series of over life-size sculptures which have never before been seen as a triptych: Some Exercise of Power (1980), Acrobats (1983) and The Banquet (1985). Each extends her exploration of the themes of violence, intolerance and oppression; and the treatment of her subjects is heightened by its physical directness and irony. In contrast, Man and His Sheep (1989), consisting of eight monumental figures, presents a gentler insight into the human condition.

Ana Maria Pacheco has established an international reputation since she came to Britain from her native Brazil in 1973. Her subjects are developed gradually over several years, often appearing in drawings and prints. The exhibition included recent drawings which introduce a new theme inspired by the biblical story of Salome.