St Mungo’s with Claire Bevacqua - Camden Art Centre

Through January and February 2023, Claire Bevacqua will collaborate with residents from St Mungo’s to build and decorate a range of ceramics, which can be used as functional objects within their accommodation.

During the sessions, taking place at St Mungo’s, the group will learn ceramic hand-building and decorative techniques such as: pinching, modelling, coiling, sgrafitto, using slip and underglazes to create patterns and designs and decal.

The group will focus on four short projects, working together to create plant pots, plates and mugs, experimenting with different textures and finishes to provide an insight into the possibilities of clay.

The wares will be fired at Camden Art Centre’s kiln and returned to St Mungo’s for residents to use within their accommodation.

The Artist St Mungo’s

The Artist

Claire Bevacqua studied Ceramics and Metalwork at Camberwell College of Art, after graduating in 2000 she completed an apprenticeship with Kate Malone and then continued her research in Faenza, Italy and Paterno, Sicily. On returning to the U.K she set up her own studio where she makes and sells her own sculptural work and teaches privately. Claire ran a successful artist residency program ‘Artigiana’ in Sicily in 2013-2016 and has been involved with teaching art and ceramics in the community since 2002.

St Mungo’s

St Mungo’s provides services and support to adults experiencing homelessness.
St Mungo’s work to prevent people becoming homeless, support people who are sleeping on the streets into secure accommodation and then provide them with the services they need to rebuild their lives once they are there, and after.

In 2020-21, their dedicated outreach teams supported 10,267 people and on any given night they provide 3,213 people with housing and support. These services range from outreach, accommodation and floating support services, to skills, employment and care, depending on the local area and the needs of the people there.