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The German-born, American artist Eva Hesse (1936-1970) played a central role in the radical transformation of sculptural practice in the 1960s, using unconventional materials to create expressive works suggestive of the body and emotions

Throughout her career, Hesse produced a large number of small, experimental works alongside her large-scale sculpture. These objects, so-called test pieces, were made in a wide range of materials, including latex, wire-mesh, sculp-metal, wax and cheesecloth. Left in her studio at the time of her death, sold or given to friends during her lifetime, these objects evade easy definition, seen variously as experiments, little pieces, moulds, tests or finished pieces.

In her recent research on Hesse’s work, Briony Fer collectively renamed these objects as studioworks, proposing that their precarious nature places them at the heart of Hesse’s work and questions traditional notions of what sculpture is.

This exhibition bought together around fifty works drawn from major public and private collections around the world, showing works which are extremely fragile and rarely travel. The exhibition and the accompanying major publication offer a timely new interpretation of Hesse’s historical position, as well as highlighting her relevance for contemporary art now.

Eva Hesse: Studiowork was the result of new research by renowned Hesse scholar Professor Briony Fer and is curated by Fer and Barry Rosen, Director of The Estate of Eva Hesse.

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Sub-objects and Studiowork: From Eva Hesse to Anna Maria Maiolino

Saturday 6 February, 9.30am

In collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art at UCL
Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

The conference, organised by Briony Fer, examines the changing status of the object within artistic practice and art history since 1950. Speakers address a range of key concepts which have emerged since the mid-20th century with particular references to studio practice, and the role of experimentation as a means of production.

Speakers include:
Mignon Nixon (The Courtauld Institue of Art)
Margaret Iversen (University of Essex)
Dr Mark Godfrey (Tate)
David Batchelor (Artist)
Guy Brett (Independent Scholar, London)
Sergio Martins (University College London)
Paulo Venancio Filho (Curator and art critic, Rio de Janeiro)
Michael Asbury (Camberwell College of Arts).
Jenni Lomax (Director, Camden Art Centre)

Exhibition Tour: Eva Hesse and Katja Strunz

Sunday 7 March, 3.00 – 4.00pm
Jenni Lomax, Director of Camden Art Centre, led a tour of the exhibitions on their final day.