Synchrony - Camden Art Centre

This exhibition of work by Antoni Malinowski continued and developed his interest in perception and its relation to consciousness.

The large-scale diptychs that were on display in  Gallery I were based on drawings made during Malinowski’s residency at the Centre in 1994/5. In these works, large areas of intense colour are punctuated by delicate and precise brushmarks. Gallery II and Studio 2 included groups of smaller paintings, shifting the spatial co-ordinates from the monumental to the intimate. In different ways all of the works instigated a dialogue between physical and non-physical space, between energy and emptiness, becoming a dissolution.

The artist also created two temporary site-specific works. A ‘drawing’ directly on the wall of Gallery I and a ‘floor drawing’ in Studio 2, which manipulated the integration of architectural and pictorial spaces.


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