Soft Acid - Camden Art Centre

Tenant of Culture, the anonym for Dutch artist Hendrickje Schimmel, will realise an ambitious new site-specific installation for Camden Art Centre, her largest work to-date.

The artist’s point of departure begins in the archives of the gallery, where she uncovered reference to the largely unrecognised mass labour of women in the laundry industry, in 19th Century Britain.

The exhibition draws on and extends the artist’s long-standing exploration of consumer culture and the vast and problematic waste accumulated via the fashion industry. Repurposing discarded garments and accessories into new sculptural forms – alongside a voracious exploration of material possibilities – fabrics are bleached, boiled, dyed, twisted, torn and meticulously reassembled. The resulting works nod to former relics simultaneously desirable and monstrous, a reminder of the fickle cycle of trends and fashion, and the exploitative and often invisible economies of supply and demand.

Tenant of Culture is the third recipient of the Camden Art Centre Emerging Artist Prize at Frieze.

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This film was produced by Jared Schiller for Camden Art Centre on the occasion of Tenant of Culture's exhibition 'Soft Acid', 8 July - 18 September.

The Artist

Tenant of Culture is the artistic practice of Hendrickje Schimmel (b. 1990, Arnhem), who lives and works in London. She received her MA in Mixed Media from the Royal College of Art, London in 2016, and completed a BA in Womenswear at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Zwolle, Netherlands in 2012. The artist is currently included in the exhibition Post-digital Intimacy at the National Gallery Prague, Prague. Forthcoming solo and two-person exhibitions include: Camden Art Centre, London (2022); Ivory Tars, Glasgow (2022) with Gillian Lowndes and Soft Opening, London (2023). Recent solo exhibitions include Et Al. at Kunstverein Dresden, Dresden (2021); Autumn Cloth at Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna (2021); Georgics (how to style a chore coat) at Fons Welters, Amsterdam (2020); I forgot to tell you I’ve changed at Het Fries Museum, Leeuwarden (2020); Eclogues (an apology for actors) at Nicoletti Contemporary, London (2019); Works and Days at Outpost Gallery, Norwich (2018); Deadstock at Sarabande Foundation, London (2018); Climate | Change at Clearview, London (2017) and The Latest Thing at CODE ROOD Koningsweg, Arnhem (2016). Selected group exhibitions include: Eternally Yours at Somerset House, London (2022); Testament at the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London (2022); Sartor Resartus, curated by Jeppe Ugelvig at Huset fur Kunst & Design, Copenhagen (2021); Getting Dressed at V.O Curations, London (2021); LOOK! Exposing Art and Fashion at Museum Marta Herford, Herford (2021); Ghosts and Bones at Galeria Stereo, Warsaw (2021); Combine at Fons Welters, Amsterdam (2021); Fittings with Kinke Kooi at Exile Gallery, Vienna (2020); Image Power at Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem (2020); Transformers at Future Gallery, Berlin (2020); Wearables at Etage Projects, Copenhagen (2020); Gubbinal at Project Native Informant, London (2019); NEW RUINS at Soft Opening, London (2019); Artquest Peer Forum at Camden Art Centre, London (2018); Out of Fashion at Centraal Museum, Utrecht (2017); Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Institute of Contemporary Art, London (2016); Fetishism in Fashion at MoBA Biennial, Arnhem, (2013). The work of Tenant of Culture is in the collections of the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and The Pier Arts Centre, Orkney. In 2020 Soft Opening published the artist’s first monograph in collaboration with Charles Asprey which was one of the winners of the Swiss Most Beautiful Books Award.

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