Tepuis - Camden Art Centre

Stephen Nelson’s series of monumental wax and plaster works, was inspired by journeys to Venezuela.

The Tepuis, a Pemon Indian word for mountains, are mighty sandstone plateaux, which rise out of the jungle in bizarre shapes shot through with canyons and chasms. ‘My father told me about a lost word, plateaux of stone … where dinosaurs roared and plants grew to ten times their normal size. … Thirty years later, I stood before these fantastic landforms… Only through drawing and sculpture have I managed to gauge the significance of the powerful emotions that these objects have generated in me. ‘

To complement the exhibition, visitors were able to access Nelson’s Internet website which contains information and images relating to the making of Tepuis. This is a part of a portfolio of websites, Working Practices, focusing on current and forthcoming installations by British artists, supported by the Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford.

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The Artist

Stephen Nelson (b. 1961) studied at Cardiff School of Arts and Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. Since moving to London in 1985, he has had solo shows at Mario Flecha Gallery and Adam Gallery, and has had work included in group shows in London, Nantes and Turin.