A movement meditation with Naima Karlsson, Nissa Nishikawa and ZINZILE Sonic smoke composed by Austin Williamson

‘Fire is within us all; aglow in the veins of the field, beating rhythms in the body, celestial sparks as thought form, and whorling rotations within us.

Bodies are brought to the sun and within this language, an amalgam of flame movements creates a furnace of solidarity. Many suns all interconnected, a locus of illumination.’

THE CIRCULATION OF ANIMALS IS THE EPOCH FIRE (II) weaves gestures from a constellation of interbeing relations. Here is a dance that holds the unity of opposites and shines light on the polarity cycles. We are a network of living heat; an intersection where the etheric flickers through muscle, the heart heats the wave, and the sound pulse forms the visions. The fire of the sacred plant is here, the frequencies of the meteors and the extra-dimensionals, the fire of our rage and joy, a call to prayer is within this fire.

The Artists

The Artists

Naima Nefertari (aka Karlsson) is interdisciplinary artist, musician and composer based in London and Sweden. Her practice interweaves sonic and visual forms led by interests in repetition, improvisation, and relationships between language, image, symbol and sound. Naima’s main instrument is the piano, as well as percussion, vibraphone, and organ. Improvisation is at the core of the artist’s musical process, combined with minimalist uses of tone and an inherently organic approach to playing.

Naima is an archivist and coordinator for the Estate of Moki Cherry and Cherry Archive, and has studied piano in the tradition of her grandfather Don Cherry. She is part of Exotic Sin duo with Japanese multi-instrumentalist Kenichi Iwasa, and is currently working on a duo album with Black American composer Angel Bat Dawid.

ZINZILE is a multi’medium artist and m o v e r working in the physical, digital and spiritual realms. Wurld’melder… wurld’traverser… through embers and emblems of love.

Gratitude for gestures:

Fiontán Bleau Moran, Masumi Saito, Junya Ishii, Ukweli Raphael Roach, Enikö Buday, Martin Tomlinson, Sora Slayer, Lewis Walker, Isabella Nefar, Karima McAdams, Simona Marini, Tania El Khoury, Lydia Wilson, ZINZILE, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou, Pau Aran Gimeno, SERAFINE1369, Ellen Van Schuylenburch, Filippo Fanelli Terlizzi, Beatrice Brown, tyroneisaacstuart,  Millicent Hodson, Uni/Ayahuasca, Jawara Alleyne and Hikuri/Peyote.