Transformative Futures Online: Adam Farah – B8 THEORY - Camden Art Centre

How do artists find material to produce art? How can personal politics inform what we create? What ways can we find inspiration to curate content?

Join artist Adam Farah to learn about their practice and how artists represent and re-purpose the everyday. This event provides an opportunity to learn about poetics, image making and how we might use our surroundings as sources of inspiration.

About Transformative Futures The Artist

About Transformative Futures

A series of free onsite and online artist-led workshops for people aged 15-25, Transformative Futures offers an opportunity to learn new skills and approaches to art-making and thinking that will support young people facing challenges in a post-COVID environment. The platform provides a safe space to question, develop and engage with new ways of working to mobilise creative futures.

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The Artist

Adam Farah (b. 1991, London, UK) – sometimes known as free.yard – is an artist, composer and sauce maker. Working in a range of media and performative gestures, from moving image, sculpture, poppers, peppers and iPods to walking, cruising and microdosing, Farah aesthetically highlights and dwells on various ephemeral and poetic moments in order to open-up forms of critical reflection and connection.