Transformative Futures Online: Cassie Thornton - Camden Art Centre

Tiny little radical acts.

Cassie Thornton of The Feminist Economics Department (The FED) will show a few projects that she has worked on that helped her to find a sense of power and agency in a world that feels like it wants to eat her for dinner. Participants will leave the workshop with a list of small acts of disobedience that they can add to and reproduce in their own lives the next time they suffer from our collective symptoms of insecurity, anxiety, powerlessness or rage.

About Transformative Futures The Artist

About Transformative Futures

A series of free onsite and online artist-led workshops for people aged 15-25, Transformative Futures offers an opportunity to learn new skills and approaches to art-making and thinking that will support young people facing challenges in a post-COVID environment. The platform provides a safe space to question, develop and engage with new ways of working to mobilise creative futures.

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The Artist

Cassie Thornton is an artist and activist who makes a “safe space” for the unknown, for disobedience, and for unanticipated collectivity. She uses social practices including institutional critique, insurgent architecture, and “healing modalities” like hypnosis and yoga to find soft spots in the hard surfaces of capitalist life. Cassie has invented a grassroots alternative credit reporting service for the survivors of gentrification, has hypnotized hedge fund managers, has finger-painted with the grime found inside banks, has donated cursed paintings to profiteering bankers, and has taught feminist economics to yogis (and vice versa). Her new book, The Hologram: Feminist, Peer-to-Peer Health for a Post-Pandemic Future, is available from Pluto Press.