UR Feeling - Camden Art Centre

For UR Feeling, Simon Martin bought together a selection of objects and images from artists and designers including Ettore Sottsass, Scott Burton and Stephen Shore.

It is an investigation into affect and the state between knowing and sensing, in relationship to materiality and the built environment. Martin’s collection forms an open ended dialogue around the ideas and influences which form the basis of his artistic research.

Martin’s work reflects upon material culture; he is interested in how we understand ourselves through social structures, mythologies and collective memory evidenced in art objects, mass media, popular culture and the built environment. The exhibition was punctuated by discussions, performances and film screenings involving writers and artists.

UR Feeling also acted as research for a film that Martin was developing.

Images Related events

Teachers’ Event: Bainbridge & Martin

Friday 28 September, 4.00 – 5.30pm
This session outlined Camden Art Centre’s programme of activities for schools, specifically addressing the work of Eric Bainbridge and Simon Martin for teachers from primary, secondary, SEN and out of school learning establishments.

Make & Do: Bainbridge/Martin

Sunday 30 September – Sunday 2 December
2.00 – 4.30pm
Every Sunday, families with children were invited to join free art activities led by artist Chloe Cooper. Looking at both exhibitions, the activities focused on the iconic image of the sausage, making collages and paper weight sculptures and using interactive ways of testing out whether sculptures work best as art works or as functional objects.

Families used a range of materials to make their own sausages interesting, personalised, furry and even glittery before taking them home to keep. This activity contributed to the decoration of the Artists’ Studio, with inspirational images and sausage research being pinned up on the walls, accumulating as the weeks went by.

Exhibition Tour: Jenni Lomax

Sunday 2 December, 3.00 – 4.00pm
Jenni Lomax, Director of Camden Art Centre, led a tour of the exhibitions on the final day.