2 day course: Darn it! Redefining objects through mending - Camden Art Centre

Darn it!: Redefining Objects through Mending is a two day course led by artist Daisy Harvey.

During this course, students will learn different ways of mending and repairing textiles. Focusing on darning, a method used to mend holes in clothes interweaving yarn, students will also have the option to explore other methods such as patchwork, layered stitch and knit mending. Alongside this, students will get an insight into the work of artists who have used these basic techniques to bring old clothes or waste objects to life. The course will include a day of learning different techniques, and students will have the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills to use to make larger collective pieces. Throughout, students will be encouraged to explore the symbolic nature of different repair methods and the rich histories of clothing.

Students are welcome to bring damaged/torn textiles to the course, to use as a starting point for learning mending techniques.

The Artists Additional Information

The Artists

GOING is an eclectic darning project challenging traditional methods of mending and repairs. The project is run by artists Daisy Harvey + Mazlyn Ortiz. Being avid collectors of objects and textiles, both artists found common ground in their love for imperfect items with generations of stories behind them. Sitting surrounded by their accumulation of things, collected at car boot sales, on walks, and inherited objects, they were both driven to alter and remake. As GOING delved into a love of the traditional mending practice, both artists saw how those techniques could be challenged. GOING strives to regenerate not only the conventional practices of mending but to challenge the idea of ownership, exposing the faults of the individual narrative and shifting back to a collective consciousness.

Daisy Harvey is a London-based artist. She holds a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts and has since worked primarily in set design. She most often explores realms of sentimentality, symbols, and storytelling through objects. Repeatedly working from her accumulated collections of found objects, concepts are formed from the most minute details.

Mazlyn Ortiz is a Philadelphia-based artist. She holds a BFA(Hons) in Textile Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and an MA in Mix Media textiles from the Royal College of Art in London. Ortiz works as an artist and designer, drawn to taking traditional textile methods and stretching the meaning of structure, embellishment, and repair.

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