Family Takeover: Family Visions - Camden Art Centre

Join artist Lily Ash Sakula for Family Visions, our free family sessions exploring what makes a family and the many different types of families.

Join artist Lily Ash Sakula for Family Visions, our free family sessions exploring what makes a family and the many different types of families.Through interconnected workshops adults and children are invited to explore who and what makes your family; from human and non-human members, rituals, food, and the spaces we inhabit and create together.

Taking inspiration from our current exhibitions, these sessions will celebrate the shapes and sizes of all families using play, drawing and animation techniques, working towards a Family Visions animation.

Family Takeover is a fortnightly session on Sunday afternoons and offers a fun, creative and relaxed space to explore playing and making with materials.

Upcoming Sessions The Artist

Upcoming Sessions

Drop-in for a taster of our Family Takeover programme, including light-based activities, culminating in performances using light and shadow through the afternoon.

Who makes your family? Human and non-human included! During this session we will draw and build the constellations that make up our families and connect us to each other as mobiles.

What holds a family together? In this session we will explore the rituals, traditions, memories and foods that make our families ours using claymation.

Families shape and are shaped by the spaces around them. What would your ideal family space look like? In this session we will build utopian dens – structures that provide us with both safety and joy.

How do we document our families? What do we want to show the world? And what is just for us? In this session we will be creating a record of our families through zine making.

A family doesn’t fit into a neat box and that’s part of the joy of it, it is chaotic and constantly shape shifting, full of silliness that doesn’t make sense to anyone else! In this session we will be letting that chaos loose as we dress up and make a large scale animation using our bodies through pixelation.

The Artist

Lily Ash Sakula is a London based artist and animator. They make collaborative films that link different generations and communities; creating space for participant led chaotic fertility and collective brilliance. Lily is interested in capturing instances of joy, flashes of excitement and glimpses of practical utopias; creating magical spaces in which social norms can be broken. They seek through their work to be an active practitioner of radical hope. Lily has worked with a wide range of groups and communities including Meet Me at the Albany, Camden Art Centre, House of Illustration, Goldsmiths, John Chilton SEND School, Queer Youth Art Collective, Project Indigo, Ministry of Stories, Watts Gallery and Magic Me.