Film Night: Katherine Waugh - Camden Art Centre

Film Night: Katherine Waugh

Wednesday 18 February
7.00 – 9.00pm

In response to Salvatore Arancio's interest in exploring different perspectives on the grotesque in his practice, and reflecting also the fluidity his work demonstrates between different forms and media, curator and filmmaker Katherine Waugh leads an evening of film and discussion looking at cinematic examples of the grotesque taken from a wide range of experimental and underground filmmaking traditions, as well as more mainstream auteurs who challenge the boundaries of conventional cinema and perception.

The presentation will focus on cinematic examples of the grotesque and how it might be conceptualised relating to the abject, the gothic, the transgressive, the hallucinatory and the psychedelic. A 16mm screening of La Femme Qui Se Poudre by the French filmmaker Patrick Bokanowski follows the talk.

This year’s Ceramics Fellow Salvatore Arancio will create works inspired by different forms of representation of the grotesque and the natural and their relationships to popular myths. His research into methods used in traditional pottery workshops will be put towards making a film and a new series of ceramic sculptures.

Please book a free space. Places are limited. The space is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you have additional access requirements.

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Katherine Waugh is a curator, filmmaker and writer. She co-directed the award winning The Art of Time, a film on the complex temporalities in contemporary art, film and architecture, and Outliving Dracula: Le Fanu's Carmilla a film essay on the cinematic and philosophical influence of the Irish Gothic novella. Waugh has curated film programmes on psychedelia and cinema and recently a homage to hallucinogenic perception in cinema for the Hallucinatory Theatres symposium at Goldsmiths College. She was co-director of the experimental film festival Different Directions in Ireland from 2008-2010. She is the co-curator of the exhibition Schizo Culture: Cracks in the Street with David Morris at SPACE gallery London.