Garden Nights: Intentions - Camden Art Centre

Introduced by artist and curator Maxine Pennington and her studio Extensive Conversations.

Intentions is a space that explores a multiplicity of emotions through sound, devoted to nurture the heart, soul and mind. Blending mystical, musical and spiritual tones to experience collective sonic meditations. Exploring the importance of ritual and community. 

Garden Nights is a seasonal programme of multi-disciplinary live events at Camden Art Centre’s Garden.

The Artists

The Artists

Maxine Pennington is a multidisciplinary artist and curator who has a deep appreciation for the transformative energy that art holds. Through her practices, she seeks to explore and express a multitude of emotions through the lens of sound, creating unique sonic experiences. In her creations, Pennington remains deeply rooted in spirituality and emotion. Her aim is to ensure that intention permeates every level. She has collaborated with esteemed creatives, brands and institutions such as James William Blades, Wales Bonner, Jenn Nkiru, Sixteen Journal, Galleria Continua, By Far, Ancuta Sarca amongst others.