Near and Far – Creative Writing Anthology - Camden Art Centre

An anthology of creative writing from the voices of Camden Art Centre's Youth Collective Online.

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This anthology of creative writing presents the work and voices of Camden Art Centre’s Youth Collective Online community; a group of artists, writers and creatives aged 15- 25 that have connected with Camden Art Centre, and each other, from their homes across the UK and Internationally during the past year.

At a time when many have felt unheard and unseen, unconnected and uncertain, we wanted to provide a platform to hear what our community had to say. The opportunity invited submissions of new, short-form, creative writing pieces with a simple prompt: Do you have something you would like to say? We want to hear it.

Here 11 artists share texts that give voice to their thoughts, ideas and emotions, written across different contexts and places, from London to Leeds to Lagos. As the submissions for the opportunity came in, the recurring phrase in the accompanying emails was this, ‘Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.’

Our reply, ‘Thank you for the opportunity to listen.’

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About Youth Collective

From May-July 2020 Youth Collective Online provided a space for young people aged 15 – 25 to meet regularly and encounter the arts in an open and welcoming environment, to critically engage, feel empowered and stay connected. Our community of Youth Collective artists had access to a programme of free, online, artist-led workshops and resources, a dedicated online social space for discussion and the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in matters surrounding contemporary art.