One in the Other - Camden Art Centre

An evolving space for film, performance, music, poetry, self-defence, singing, resting and pausing.

For September-December 2021, One in the Other transformed Camden Art Centre’s Gallery 3 into an evolving space for film, performance, music, poetry, self-defence, singing, resting and pausing.

The project brought together over 30 artists, musicians, creatives and collectives including Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.), Dele Adeyemo with Oworo Collective, Chris Bramble, Sheila Chukuwlozie, Remi Kuforiji and Kazeem Kuteyi, DeForrest Brown Jr./Speaker Music, Phoebe Collings-James, Cõvco, Nadeem Din-Gabisi with Coby Sey and MettaShiba, Adam Farah, Chloe Filani, Hasani, Onyeka Igwe, Safari MMA, Grace Ndiritu, Bisila Noha, Petit Oiseau, Muslim Sisterhood, Ebun Sodipo, Ms Carrie Stacks, Johanna Tagada-Hoffbeck, Mudbelly Teaches and Deniz Ünal.

Past Events Images

Past Events

10 Sept/23 Dec, Gallery 3

An extension of previous work ADULTS NEVER KEEP PROMISES / FRESH HITS 1997 (NW9 EXTENDED MIX), 2019 conceived for collective listening of the 5 albums on view in their gallery exhibition.

Albums played on a loop in no particular order during gallery hours when there are no events:

  1. Mariah Carey, Butterfly (Colombia Records, 1997)
  2. Whitney Houston, My Love is Your Love (Arista Records LLC, 1998)
  3. Janet Jackson, The Velvet Rope (Black Doll Inc. and Virgin Records America, 1997)
  4. Madonna, Ray of Light (Warner Records Inc. 1998)
  5. Sugababes, One Touch (London Music Stream Ltd., 2000)

September 18, Gallery 3

A one-off screening of a selection of Grace Ndiritu’s key works: Black Beauty (2021); Raiders of the Lost Ark (2015); and The Black Video Anthology: The Origins of Dance Music (2006). Ndiritu works at the intersection of film and performance and her practice has largely been concerned with the transformation of our contemporary world.

Films provided by LUX Moving Image.

September 26, Gallery 3

Sireenah Shakoor, Muay Thai instructor from Safari MMA, the first women’s only martial arts club in the UK leads an introductory workshop for women and discussion on the definitions of self-defence, situational awareness on how to defend an attack and weapon disarming.

2-8 October, Gallery 3

On view in Gallery 3 between 2-8 October and in the context of Mudbelly Teaches were objects made in the free hand-building clay workshop led by Phoebe Collings-James and Bisila Noha in a fun and welcoming environment for Black people. Attendees created sculptures in ceramics, while learning basic hand building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab building.

10 October, Gallery 3

A late afternoon live music performance coinciding with the start of Frieze Week, featuring writer and Make Techno Black Again activist, DeForrest Brown, Jr./Speaker Music.

Reflections (Care Enough) was an evening moment of live collaging and chaotic expression by artist Adam Farah, as they meditate on the months leading up to their exhibition whilst being in residence at Camden Art Centre/Metroland Studios.

16/17 Oct, Gallery 3

Artists and writers Ebun Sodipo and Chloe Filani lead a two-day collaborative writing workshop in two parts. In the first half, participants were invited to write short texts centred on bodily sensations and descriptions of surfaces. This was followed by developments of performative reading as extensions of these texts.

23-24 October, Gallery 3

A two-day film installation Making Black Horizons provides an insight into the everyday lives of a group of young creatives on the edge of the megacity of Lagos, as they make spaces for creative expression and liberation within sites of structural neglect and ruination. Visitors were immersed in the scenes of everyday worlding at close to one to one scale through a panorama of multiple projections.

28 October, Gallery 3

Artist and musician Cõvco will presented a new performance and immersive installation, Nexus in Paradise transforming the gallery into a future space exploring themes of black futurity, mortality, rituals and human psyche. Nexus in Paradise is formatted as a one-person play, directed, written and produced by Cõvco.

6-7 November, Gallery 3

Initiated by Muslim Sisterhood, Deniz Ünal hosted a women-only workshop and group activity exploring the relationships between desire, joy, health and healing with the first workshop focusing inwards to our bodies through using belly dancing as our tool and the second focusing on the collective experience by holding discussions and integrating therapeutic and movement led group activities.

17-21 November, Gallery 3

Phoebe Collings-James invited Onyeka Igwe to present an installation bringing together a collection of works by Onyeka Igwe that focus on the embodied knowing of colonial archive. The screening installation featured:

Specialised technique (2018) – 7 mins, 1 screen, SD video, stereo sound
Sitting on a man (2018) – 7mins, 3 screen, HD video, stereo sound
the names have changed, including my own and truths have been altered (2019) – 30 mins, 1 screen, HD video, stereo sound
The walls have mouths (2021) – 5mins, 1 screen, 2K video, surround sound

26 November, Gallery 3

Join us for an evening of performances by artists (and previous One in the Other artist-led workshop conveners), Deniz Ünal and Ebun Sodipo. Ünal will present a new performance drawing from and reflecting on the workshop and group activity held at Camden Arts Centre exploring embodied acts of desire and its relationship to health and healing. Sodipo will perform an ongoing body of work exploring liminal space, embodiment, transformation and grief first performed as part of Frieze Live 2021.

11 December, Gallery 3

Join us for our finale live event for One and the Other with producer, DJ and songwriter Ms Carrie Stacks who will close out the programme with a stripped back piano performance. A post-event dance party will be held in the café with DJ Hasani.

The evening is generously supported by Shackleford Pianos

12 December, Gallery 3

Join us for an afternoon of live music with Petit Oiseau and Nadeem Din-Gabisi with Coby Sey & MettaShiba presenting POOL.

Petit Oiseau is the collaborative work of Jatinder Singh Durhailay and Suren Seneviratne. Petit Oiseau is a new musical endeavour, marrying classical Indian instrumentation such as the Dilruba played by Durhailay, unusually combined with Seneviratne’s digital synthesiser murmurings. Petit Oiseau’s performance will be accompanied with a living installation by Johanna Tagada-Hoffbeck.

POOL is an autobiographical, conceptual narrative album that examines moments of trauma and happiness in childhood.  It uses those moments as a diving board to explore mental health issues and coping mechanisms of many young black men, born in inner and outer London. The project questions and attempts to answer why some of these men swim, why some sink and why some others don’t enter the POOL

18 December, 11am-2pm

Chris Bramble teaches a wide variety of techniques including hand-crafted pots and ceramic sculptures bringing together his interest in the European sculptural tradition and love of African craftsmanship, shape and form. For this one workshop at Camden Art Centre, Chris will explore with attendees hand-building techniques for making vessels and figurative sculpted masks.