Personalised (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals, with CAConrad - Camden Art Centre

Personalised (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals, with CAConrad

Tuesday 19 – Saturday 23 March (expect Wednesday)
13.00  4.00pm daily

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CAConrad has successfully used (Soma)tic poetry rituals to overcome depression after the murder of their boyfriend Earth. CA has also created writing rituals using the night sky to design homemade star constellations, another ritual to experience what the impact of hearing the word “drone” has on the human body, and many others from talking with trees, ghosts, translating Shakespeare’s sonnets with crystals, and coping with the destroyed wilderness of our planet.

It is important to build rituals inside our lives exactly as we are living them. A personalized ritual will be based on considering various factors of your life, whether you are having a hard time with stress, or if you have something tedious in your life you have to do. Or maybe you have no stress or tedium, and we can make a ritual elsewhere inside your life as you live it.

Please bring pen and paper to your one-on-one session.
Each session will last approximately 15 minutes. 

Please click this link for the 3 basics of (Soma)tic Rituals:
Click this link for (Soma)tic Manifesto:

CAConrad is a 2019 Creative Capital Fellow, and the author of 9 books of poetry and essays. While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books), received the 2018 Lambda Award. A recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, they also received The Believer Magazine Book Award and The Gil Ott Book Award. Their work has been translated into Spanish, Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish and German. They teach regularly at Columbia University in NYC, and Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam and their poetry can be found online here.