Stepping into my cultures - Camden Art Centre

A showcase of works by five early career artists exploring a collective interest in the environmental and contextual significance of sound.

Emerging from their time working on the Youth Panel at Camden Art Centre since 2021, the artists engaged in discussions on the use of sound as a cultural device and specific relationships to sound cultures within the group. From sharing creative references to negotiating priorities, the Panel found common ground in audio visual experimentation. Their work culminates in a one-day event in which each of the artists present new work that evokes their personal approach to the group-determined brief, and together form a broad display of sound practices.

The event will showcase durational works from Oluwakemi Onyekachi Awoyemi and Oliver Getley, an interactive installation by Kerrica Kendall plus performance pieces from Rio Walker and Kundai. The artists would like to invite the public to listen, watch and participate in the afternoon’s event.

Full schedule to follow.


The Artists

The Artists

Zimbabwe-born Londoner Kundai lives and creates art in the key of exuberance. From her fashion design to her unabashed exploration of self via club-adjacent outsider pop, Kundai’s celebratory approach to life––inclusive of vulnerability and uncertainty––takes shape on Glisten. Vibrant forms emerge in murky territory and Kundai has a way of bringing them to light. Eccentricities and imperfections are welcomed in her production aesthetic, brimming with spontaneity. Robust rhythm sections offset delicate falsetto musings and playful mallets, while distorted hand drums careen over chopped and screwed chants and MC-style talk-singing. All of these seem to be familiar elements in isolation but strike a wild combination in synergy––a theme that might tap into the nature of the artist herself. The sum of varied life experiences and self-questioning that come for all human beings, but queer immigrants in particular, you can hear Kundai’s music practice polishing the kernel of who she is and who she is constantly becoming.

Oliver Getley
Oliver Getley is an interdisciplinary artist and organiser based in Leeds, originally from Stafford. His practice is led by research and concept, working project-to-project to explore experimental and emergent methods of production. Working with a range of approaches including, sound, sculpture, installation, performance, collaboration, site-responsive action and exhibition-making. Through these processes his work attempts to create performative gestures which evoke a relationship to the absurd, exchange, identity formation, collectivity, place, and creative production.

Kerrica Kendall
Kerrica Kendall is a writer and performer based in London. They make theatre and theatrical things. Rio Walker Rio Walker is a student and practising artist based in London and Birmingham. Working within a wide range of subjects, Rio’s work is predominantly focused on film photography and painting mediums, seeking to find links between the classical and the contemporary.

Oluwakemi Onyekachi Awoyemi
Oluwakemi Onyekachi Awoyemi (alias j0rdanna) is a multidisciplinary Artist and Creative Director currently based in Lagos Nigeria. She enjoys expressing her thoughts on the human condition and surrounding issues through various artistic mediums. From drawing everything at sight at the age of 6 until her teens, she progressed to express herself through beauty and fashion editorials which remains her most preferred medium. Her love for creating and expressing her Artistic self has led her to explore other notable mediums such as: traditional painting, digital art, photography, writing and film.