Transformative Futures - Camden Art Centre

A free weekly collective for young people to think, discuss and create together.

A series of free artist-led workshops for people aged 15-25, Transformative Futures offers an opportunity to learn new skills and approaches to art-making to support young people in an increasingly uncertain world.

The precarious landscape of modern life continues to affect lives and livelihoods globally with young people often underrepresented in the conversations that shape our collective experiences. Transformative Futures aims to empower and amplify the voices of young people through sessions that explore alternative ways of living, thinking and being through the lens of contemporary art.

Running until June 2023, this year’s onsite workshops will be hosted in Camden Art Centre’s Drawing Studio by artists Becky Lyon and Adam Moore. The artists will guide the group through different ideas, themes and provocations each week to encourage participants to build awareness around different types of art, concepts and techniques. Each session is designed to allow participants to develop new skills, learn about the art world and use their passions and interests to create exciting artwork.

Transformative Futures is an ongoing project supporting emerging creativity in our local community and beyond, further programming including online sessions and opportunities will occur throughout the year.

The Artists Additional Information

The Artists

Becky Lyon is an English x Jamaican artist and ‘artecologist’ exploring how art practice can illuminate and re-enchant relationships to our animate and inter-relational ecology. Her work manifests in multiple forms from tactile installations to rituals, sensory artefacts to participatory gatherings. She hosts numerous events, gatherings and workshops designed to excite and inspire people to build more care-full connections with ecology for the likes of School of Machines, Making and Make-Believe Berlin, Natural England and The London Interdisciplinary School. She is also a ranger for London National Park City connecting people to nature through art. She has an MA Art & Science from Central Saint Martins.Currently she is…convening the Squishy Sessions exploring the intersection of touch x tactility x care; contemplating “earthly curriculums” and dialoguing with dead wood; contemplating land as a verb through mark-making; brewing up ooey gooey workshops for conferences, hosting EARTHSHAPES monthly gatherings tuning into the rhythms of the season; ripping up the reading group format with the B|T|W|N THE L|AV|S: A Critical De/compost Reading Group; rebodying with London’s ancient woodland ecology at Goldsmiths University; drafting a paper on “Sensuous Ecologies” and dreaming up an artist-led forest school for grown ups!Adam Moore is a transdisciplinary artist who dances and works with dance. Creating nourishing conditions for encountering dancing, he designs, builds, and choreographs performance installations, applying choreographic, embodied and sociopolitical processes for dance making to his works in ceramics, drawing, film, painting, sculpture, sound and text. Dancing with people, life forms, materials and structures in the places he lives and the spaces he moves through, he heals open the closures between fragmented dimensions of reality touching us and our world deeply. Synthesising material, sensory and spiritual dimensions of the self with the world and with others, he examines different ways of living that soften hardened institutions, stewarding life to thrive.

Additional Information

We have 30 places each week and booking via Eventbrite is required.

Sessions take place at Camden Art Centre every Saturday during term time from 2.00 to 4.00 pm and give the opportunity to use the centre as a resource, see our current exhibitions, get behind the scenes of a gallery and meet new people.

Sessions can be attended as a one-off events or the whole series. Each session functions as a standalone workshop though sustained engagement is encouraged.

No previous art-making experience is necessary and all materials are provided, free food and drinks are available.

The programme is open to all aged 15 -25 but we are particularly interested in participants who are not currently studying at higher education level and do not have degrees.

Transformative Futures is designed to be inclusive and accessible, if you have any questions, access requirements or would like more information please get in contact with our Learning Curator George Collum.