Family Takeover: Making Space - Camden Art Centre

Join artist Asha Fontenelle for Making Space, a series of free family sessions, this season we will explore themes of kindness, community and self-care, playfulness and Afrofuturism.

Using her background in social anthropology, Asha imagines worlds that are non-hierarchical, free of discrimination and based in genuine care for others.

Through a series of interconnected workshops adults and children will be invited to create their own affirmations, build safe spaces together, explore softness, and imagine themselves as ancient Paleolithic people inhabiting other worldly environments.

During the sessions families will experiment with various creative techniques from mono-printing, painting, marbling, set-building and working with found and scrap materials.

Family Takeover is a fortnightly session on Sunday afternoons and offers a fun, creative and relaxed space to explore playing and making with materials.

Upcoming Sessions The Artist

Upcoming Sessions

Families are invited to imagine themselves as Paleolithic ancient people in this session to make and decorate paper bags together for foraging and collecting. We will decorate them using mono-printing and marbling techniques.

We will create our own Affirmations, using a combination of words, colours and images to express how we feel about ourselves and others.

Using light and tactile materials this session will explore softness, experimenting with a range of materials to try mark-making using paint, watercolours and pastels

We will be building otherworldly sculptures inspired by alien environments, making our own costumes and landscapes out of found and scrap materials.

Exploring what makes us feel safe, happy and warm, we will use set-building processes to create and construct our own safe spaces for families to inhabit and play in.

The Artist

Asha Fontenelle is a visual artist and arts educator based in South London. Using her background in social anthropology, her soft, playful often-figurative work imagines worlds that are non-hierarchical, free of discrimination and based in genuine care for others. Adopting honesty and the love ethic proposed by Bell Hooks, her practice allows space for challenging emotions and healing.