Transformative Futures Online: Creating (sustainable) Spaces - Camden Art Centre

Learn how artists access physical and non-physical spaces to sustain making artwork.

Join artist Adam Moore for an online workshop unpacking processes and techniques that will guide you through creating transdisciplinary and collaborative practices, principles of sustainability and how to be an artist that doesn’t rely on institutional structures.


About Transformative Futures The Artist

About Transformative Futures

Transformative Futures Online is a series of online artist-led workshops for people aged 15-25. The workshops offer diverse insights into creative methodologies from professional artists and creatives.


The Artist

Adam Moore is an artist who dances and works with dance. He applies choreographic and embodied processes for dance making working with various materials such as ceramics, film, painting, sculpture, sound and text. Dancing with people, life forms, materials and structures in the places I live and the spaces I move through, I nurture and reciprocate care, healing open the closures between fragmented dimensions of reality that touch us and our world deeply. His work examines and synthesises material, sensory and spiritual dimensions of the self with the world and with others to find new and different ways of perceiving, doing, and being in the world that soften hardened institutions, stewarding life to thrive.

Adam Moore